On the Issues

Equality & Equity

  • Protect voting rights to ensure every American can exercise their voice in our democracy.
  • Champion equal pay for women and marginalized communities, closing the wage gap once and for all.
  • Defend reproductive freedom and ensure that all individuals have access to comprehensive healthcare, including reproductive care.
  • Advance criminal justice reform to end the systemic targeting and over-policing of Black and Brown communities.
  • Fight against discrimination in all its forms, including gender identity and sexual orientation.

Economic Justice

  • Invest in economic recovery efforts that prioritize supporting those who have been most impacted by economic downturns.
  • Create high-paying jobs in underserved communities, promoting economic opportunity and revitalization.
  • Advocate for a living wage by raising the federal minimum wage and indexing it to inflation.
  • Support initiatives like the Build Back Better agenda to strengthen our economy and invest in our future.
  • Hold corporations accountable for their actions, ensuring they prioritize the well-being of their employees and consumers.


  • Fight for universal healthcare coverage through initiatives like Medicare-for-All, ensuring every American has access to the care they need without fear of financial ruin.
  • Take action to lower prescription drug costs, making life-saving medications more affordable for all.
  • Address health disparities in marginalized communities, working to eliminate barriers to care and improve health outcomes for all.
  • Promote preventative care and public health initiatives to ensure a healthier future for all Americans.


  • Increase funding for schools to provide students with the resources and support they need to succeed.
  • Focus on improving schools in underserved communities, ensuring all students have access to a high-quality education, regardless of zip code.
  • Expand mentorship programs to provide students with additional support and guidance inside and outside the classroom.
  • Support our educators by advocating for fair wages and professional development opportunities.
  • Make higher education more accessible and affordable, reducing the burden of student debt on future generations.

Our Environment

  • Support bold initiatives like the Green New Deal to combat climate change and create sustainable, green jobs.
  • Invest in infrastructure projects that prioritize environmental sustainability and resilience.
  • Take action to mitigate the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities, including sea-level rise and saltwater intrusion.
  • Transition to renewable energy sources, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, and combating air and water pollution.
  • Hold polluters accountable for their actions and advocate for stronger environmental regulations to protect our communities and planet.