On the Issues

Equality & Equity

We must uplift every person and correct sins of the past.

  • Protect voting rights to ensure all Americans have a voice
  • Fight for equal pay for women and people of color
  • Defend reproductive freedom and codify Roe v. Wade into federal law
  • Reform the criminal justice system to stop unfair targeting of Black and Brown communities
  • Ban discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation

Economic Justice

We must create an economy that works for YOU, not just for billionaires.

  • Invest in COVID-19 economic recovery to ensure people can get back on their feet
  • Create more high-paying jobs in communities that have been overlooked
  • Raise the federal minimum wage and continue adjustments over time
  • Implement the Build Back Better agenda to reinvigorate our local economy
  • Hold corporations accountable when they hurt employees and consumers


We must offer Medicare-for-All and reduce prescription costs.

  • Implement single-payer healthcare for all Americans and eliminate “medical debt”
  • Reduce prescription drug costs through federal action
  • Address health issues specific to communities of color, including elevated infant mortality rates and failures to treat common conditions
  • Invest in preventative care to prepare for future health challenges


We must fund and reform our schools to support students and teachers.

  • Increase school funding to ensure our students receive the education they deserve
  • Ensure schools in communities of color are improved to common standards
  • Expand mentorship programs to help education reach beyond the classroom
  • Give teachers and school staff raises to foster talent and support educators
  • Reduce the cost of higher education and ensure students don’t face lifelong debt

Our Environment

We must protect our world for future generations

  • Implement the Green New Deal to create a series of environmental protections and institutional changes
  • Invest in making our infrastructure more environmentally sustainable
  • Protect local communities from sea-level rise and saltwater intrusion
  • Increase our focus on renewable energy and hold polluters accountable